Bank of Imagination
The place to create, share, look for imaginations and people that imagine

What if we could relate to each other by what we imagine instead of by what we think?

This is the main concept behind Bank of Imagination, a place where people can upload their imaginations in any form.

The piece drew inspiration from the highly secured bank safes and their small boxes where you store your treasured valuables. In the world of Camper, these boxes are animated and colorful just waiting to be discovered. The bank is alive and continues to grow, forever moving like an old toy or a vintage wall clock. It’s energy stems from the imaginations within, as if it would never move should it not be filled with our thoughts and ideas.

There are various ways to explore the bank. You can search by categories, tags, users and most voted. There is also an option to create you own URL which enables you to share your imaginations from one place (eg.

To start your own imagination simple login and complete the headline “Imagine that…”

Welcome to the Bank.